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Easton Maryland

Located in Talbot County Maryland, Easton Maryland is a pretty town consisting of historical buildings. With a history dating back to 1710, the town is renowned for the Waterfowl Festival, held every November as well as the Talbot County Fair in summer. Apart from that, it is home to The Farmers, the Cubs, The Yankees and Cubs of the Eastern Shore Baseball League. Other features that are based in Easton include Haven Meeting House and Arthouse Live.In terms of demographics, the population of Easton, Maryland is of mixed racial background.  The population has been on the rise, as many people have moved to the town in order to enjoy the economic opportunities as well as the community life it offers. The increase of population has lead to the booming of real estate in Easton, Maryland. Some of the great features of this small town include:

  • The Bullitt House- Built in 1801 by Thomas James Bullitt, the house is situated at the Corner of the Dover and Harrison Streets.
  • Historical Society of Talbot County-  the residents and visitors of Easton, Maryland can get  more information about the history of Talbot county, in the historical society, housed in a  19th century building.  They will be taken on a guided tours of the James Neall house, The Joseph Neall  House and the a 17th Century construction called “End of Controversie”
  • Academic Art Museum- Renowned for its exhibition, the Academy is located in a schoolhouse   built in the 1820s. It a merging of two  historic buildings, containing 5 galleries, dance and art studios, library, light flooded atrium and a library.
  • Third Haven Meeting House & Cemetery- Believed to be the oldest framed building for religious meetings, Third Haven Meeting house was build at Tred Avon River’s headwaters, where the friends used to attend the meetings by boat.
  • Historical Avalon Theatre- this building was built in 1921 but was restored in the 1980s to its original art-deco style, but with state of art lighting, sound and comfort.

These are some of the historical buildings in Easton, Maryland. The residents can also enjoy their time at the Waterfowl Festival, which   consists of exhibition of wildlife art, including sculptures, carvings, painting and photos.  People who love outdoor activities can also select from a large number of collectibles as they watch a number of championship contests, take part in auctions and other activities.  The festival is dedicated to conserving wildlife, promoting wildlife art as well as celebrating life in Eastern Shore, Maryland.Apart from these features, the residents and visitors of Easton, Maryland will be presented to variety if art galleries, boutiques and shops that deal with specialty products and antiques to enhance their shopping experience. Others can also visit the Amish Country Farmers Market, where they will get variety of fresh produce, furniture as well as handcrafted items. The town is also known for its fine restaurants, offering a wide variety of foods. The lovers of outdoor activities can also take part in biking trips within the town or opt to make excursions to the neighboring towns such as Oxford, Tilghman Island and St. Michaels.This site is currently under construction but soon will offer information on Maryland Real Estate and Homes for Sale. We will feature articles on the attractive homes on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and talk about the benefits of owning Eastern Shore Maryland Real Estate.
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